How can I join you for the Walk in My Shoes?

Registration for the 2024 Walk in My Shoes will open in February. All walkers must register in order to join us in their area.

What does registration include?

Each $25 registration includes a 2024 Walk in My Shoes t-shirt, Lauren’s Kids drawstring backpack, to hold gear on the road, and miscellaneous swag items. Other items – hats, reusable water bottles, sunscreen, books, safety resources, etc. will be available for purchase. 

*As part of registration, there is also an option to pay-it-forward to help ensure registration is possible for those in-need.

Who typically joins the Walk in My Shoes?

Anyone and everyone! Parents, children, families, survivors, counselors, advocates, social workers, law enforcement, high school and college students, elected officials, teachers…the walk is a fun and welcoming environment for anyone and everyone committed to child safety!

What can I expect when I join you?

The Walk in My Shoes is a permitted on-road walk, with law enforcement escorts to keep walkers safe and ensure proper flow of traffic. Lauren’s Kids Founder and CEO walks every mile of every day, and our staff is on-road to help keep pace and safety. Water/restroom stops occur periodically, and water is always available as is basic first aid. 

Each leg of the Walk in My Shoes begins with a welcome from Lauren and a safety briefing from the Walk Director.

How long is each leg of the walk? What if I can’t walk the full length of the route in my area?

Walkers are registering to join us for 3 miles. If you’re feeling up to it, you can continue on with us for the full length of your regional walk route – typically from 5 to 25 additional miles. Walkers are encouraged to join us for a block, a mile, or more – whatever schedules or fitness levels allow.

Can I volunteer for the Walk in My Shoes?

Yes! We have volunteer opportunities of all kinds. Please contact us to learn more.

Can I sponsor the Walk in My Shoes?

Yes! Thank you for your interest. Please contact us to learn more about sponsorship opportunities for city-specific or regional portions of the walk, or for the overall statewide event.

Can I watch the walk even if I can’t join? Where can I find event photos?

Yes, the entire Walk in My Shoes is broadcast via livestream on the LaurensKids.org website and LaurensKidsWalk.org website. 

We also have a photographer with us each day, and photos are uploaded each evening to LaurensKidsPhotos.org.

What if I don’t want to be photographed?

Contact us if you want to walk but not show up in our livestream or photos. We are happy to accommodate.

What if I can’t afford the registration fee?

Generous donors and supporters have paid-it-forward to ensure everyone who wants to participate in the walk is able to do so. Please contact us for more information.

Are pets and strollers allowed on the road?

To ensure the safety of all walkers and pets, only service animals are allowed on the road with us. Strollers are welcomed if the walker pushing the stroller is able to stay with the walk group and maintain pace.